Refreshing Summer Salads To Make You Fall in Love With Healthy Eating


Refreshing Summer Salads To Make You Fall in Love With Healthy Eating

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We all love a light, refreshing salad in the summer time, right? If you do then this article is for you. If not, we have rounded up five delicious salads that will turn you into a salad lover… which means this article is for you too!

Loving, or at least like vegetables is so important. If our children see us eating this way they are more likely to do so themselves. Lead by example! Sometimes we forget, but our food is our fuel, so we want to be fuelling our bodies with the best food possible. More importantly, we want our children to develop healthy eating habits while they are young, and to appreciate healthy foods. 

Get you kids involved in the salad making process. It’s great for them to learn basic kitchen skills plus have a connection to their food and what it is doing for their body. 

1. Cold Vegetable Mango Noodle Salad

Doesn’t the image just make you drool? This salad is a combination of zucchini, cucumber and mango, topped with a sweet, citrus dressing. 

2. Cauliflower Salad

A simple, cauliflower based salad, that is vegan and gluten free! This one is so easy to make, it will take you five minutes and you will have yourself a healthy satisfying, lunch, dinner or side dish.

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3. Mango Salad w/ Peanut Dressing

This is as refreshing as it gets! With a plethora of colours and flavours this salad makes you feel so vibrant and energized.

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4. Pomegranate Parsley Salad

Ugh, isn’t this to die for? This salad is very bold in flavour. You have  parsley, pomegranate and orange, so if you are looking for a full flavoured option, this is your go to. You could also add tofu, tempeh, chicken , or salmon if you feel like a little extra protein.


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5.Crunchy Thai Noodle Salad

A favourite with the kids! The rice noodle and almond butter dressing combination make this salad option so satisfying.  Plus, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Photo By: @theglowingfridge

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