Retreat – By Mentor Jenna Korf!

Jenna Korf is a Certified Stepfamily coach at StepmomHelp.com, founder of Stepmom Revolution, a private group where she supports stepmoms through every phase of their journey, a Certified Practitioner of Strategic Intervention through Robbins-Madanes, RCI Certified Relationship Coach, contributing writer for Stepparent Magazine, and has been featured on CNN.com, parenting.com, yourtango.com, care.com and the Huffington Post. She’s also creator of stepfamily-help.com, a stepfamily certification program where she trains stepparents, counselors and coaches on stepfamily dynamics.

It’s time to Renew, Learn and Repair. Jenna Korf of StepmomHelp.com and Barb Goldberg of The Evil Stepmother Speaks invite you to the stepmom retreat you’ve been waiting for.

“This is the ultimate transformational program for stepmoms. We designed it for a small group of stepmoms to come together and have a wonderful retreat experience where we completely transform their relationships with their partners, stepkids and ultimately themselves.

We know how hard it is to be a stepmom, so we give you an experience where you can learn how to create the stepmom life you want, because we know that is possible for you. We give you the  time and space to come together and heal past wounds, let go of resentments and start a renewed stepmom journey together.”

Join their retreat here in either New Mexico or New York!


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