Every Bite Counts with @PurelyMe_: Healthy School Lunch Recipe

Healthy School Lunch Recipe

I frequently receive requests to share photos of my children’s school lunches. I appreciate the fact that moms/stepmoms can run out of lunch item ideas, and can easily get caught up with packing the usual items. Therefore, once a month, I will be sharing photos of my children’s school lunch, in hopes that it will give you ideas for your children’s school lunches!

One thing that I stay away from is including “packaged” food in their lunch. I always stick to REAL, WHOLE food. This provides them with brain fuel, fiber, nutrients, minerals & enzymes - which are all vital for their brain and muscle development.

This school lunch includes:

Morning snack:

Red apple and dates (not shown).


Cucumber & tomato salad. As for the dressing, I used lemon juice. BUT you can use any dressing you’d like, or oil & salt.

Homemade soup, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, potato, green peas, onion, garlic and vegetable broth (I will be sharing this DELICIOUS recipe with you in the very near future).

Wild blueberries (approximately 2 cups), drizzled with 1 Tbsp of organic RAW honey.

Afternoon snack:

Strawberries and Kiwi



Be sure to tag me in your photos if you give this school lunch a try!

Yours in health,

Miguële xx