Six Lessons Learned From Being a Stepmom


I've sure you have all learned some life skills since becoming a Stepmom. Michelle Zunter explains how these skills have completely transformed into life lessons that she will carry with her forever. They are sure to help you too!

Life Lessons

Michelle is a freelance writer, Podcaster, and creator of The Pondering Nook, where she blogs about relationships, sex, marriage, divorce, dating, parenting, and step-parenting.

You can listen to Michelle co-host at The Broad's Way Podcast with weekly guests spotlighting trending topics, lifestyle choices, politics, women's issues, and so much more!

Collections of Michelle's featured writing can be found at Huffpost, Thought Catalog, Stepparent Magazine, Scary Mommy, Parent.co, The Natural Parent Magazine, Motherly, Role Reboot & Your Tango.