Social Stepmom Contributors Application 

Become a Social Stepmom contributor!  

We are looking for two types of contributors.  

One: All of the steps! Meaning we are looking for all of the stepmother’s, stepfather’s, stepchildren and step grandparents, who want to share their stories.  

Two: Content writers. We are look for writers to contribute content on topics such as: fashion / beauty/ health + wellness and food, all related to family and/or being a step parent in particular!  

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Social Stepmom! Please note that by submitting your content, the Social Stepmom team has the right to review and edit copy for clarity, grammar/spelling errors, and style.

Content is imporant to us!

We want to provide our readers with interesting and relevant content. By submitting a blog post to Social Stepmom, you are granting us rights to post the content. The content of your post can be from an article/post you've previously written (please note where it has been published). Once posted by Social Stepmom, please feel free to share on social media and don't forget to tag us! 

Formatting and Style

1. The word Stepmom/Stepmother or any variation must be one word, capitalized, and appear without hyphens. The same stylization applies to Stepdad/Stepfather/etc. Stepchildren/stepkid is one word, and should be lowercase. 2. Your document must be single spaced. 3. Use only one space after a period at the end of a sentence. 4. Proof read your content before submitting for any grammatical/spelling errors. 5. Word count must not exceed 800 words.

Tone & Writing Voice

Our readers like being "spoken" to in a friendly, but professional tone. We love personal stories and anecdotes, but we also love professional opinions, advice, and to hear your expertise. Please provide content that is educational and informative. Tips, tricks and How to's are very popular. You are the expert after all!

Contributor Information

Please provide a headshot photo with a short bio of yourself to be added to our "Contributors page". Bio should include Name, Title (if applicable) and Company, Stepfamily dynamics (ie. how long have you been a Stepmom, how many stepkids, etc.). Bio word count should not exceed 75 words.


Social Stepmom does not compensate for any articles submitted and posted. However, Social Stepmom will promote the content, social media links as well as any professional work from the author (ie. book, website, services available, etc.) on our website and social media sites.


Submissions should be sent electronically in the form of a Word Document. Please label your document as follows:  

your last name.first name.Title of submission.submission date.doc  

EXAMPLE: Allen.Aimee.Five Tips for Happiness.Jan 30 2018.doc


We are seeking well written articles and tips that contain information and advice on:  

Being a Stepmom The Ex Spouse Stepchildren / Biological Children Self Care / Wellness Fashion / Beauty Financial Planning Seasonal events (i.e Mother's Day, Christmas, Family Day) Co-Parenting / Parallel Parenting Legal Matters Life planning Stories!!

Thank You!

We truly appreciate all of of our contributors. Thank you so much for being a part of the Social Stepmom community. You are making a difference!!

Sincerely, Sarah Paterson Founder - Social Stepmom

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