Social Stepmom is pleased to announce our Director of Education and Ambassador Program!

Sarah Paterson is pleased to announce that Erin Careless has joined the Social Stepmom team as the Director of Education and Ambassador Program. Erin will be in charge of educational courses for Stepmoms provided within the Social Stepmom Society as well as managing our Ambassador Team of Stepmoms all across the world.

Erin is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and while she has lived in many other places, always returns to the salty air of the East Coast. She is stepmom to her husband Matt’s two kids, Oliver (11) and Waverleigh (9), and mom to baby Grace (10 months old). She has been in the kids’ lives for four years, but her first experience with stepfamily life came when her parents divorced and she gained a stepfather. She knows from first-hand experience how it can feel to be a stepchild, and how long it can take for a stepfamily to find their groove.

Erin’s passion for helping stepmothers began when she met her husband and his kids, and started looking for support to help her navigate the (many!) bumps in the road. She was shocked at the lack of support available, and so decided to become part of the solution. In 2014 Erin became a certified Stepfamily Coach, and started her own coaching business and blog under the name Steplife. Her stepmom support articles have been published in The Divorce Magazine, Huffington Post, DivorceForce, and she is a contributing writer to Stepparent Magazine. Her family has been featured in the Huffington Post Blended Family Series, and her work has been featured in podcasts, interviews, and at many academic conferences.

This Spring, Erin graduates with her Ph.D. in Adult Education. With a background in Sociology and Psychology, and inspired by her own experiences, Erin’s Doctoral research explores the ways that stepmothers learn to navigate their role and its complexities. It was fascinating research for her, and this work is what Erin used to develop the courses for Social Stepmom.

Erin is thrilled to join the Social Stepmom Team as Director of Education and Ambassadors, and has designed courses that will give stepmoms the help and support they need to handle the challenges of living in a stepfamily, whether it is polarizing parenting roles, bonding with the stepkids, keeping a strong marriage, or dealing with the ex-wife. With Ambassadors around the world, the Social Stepmom Team will help more and more stepmoms every day!