Social Stepmom is pleased to announce our Society Content Director!

Sarah Paterson is pleased to announce Aimee Allen to the Social Stepmom team as the Society Content Director. Aimee will be in charge of content for Social Stepmom and the Social Stepmom Society launching this fall.  

Aimee is known all across Social Media as “The Happy Stepmom”.  She has made amazing relationships with other Stepmoms that she has met over the years and loves to chat with them daily.  

"Aimee will be an incredible asset to my team!" Aimee feels that it is extremely important to make personal connections with other Stepmoms. Her mission is to help other Stepmoms understand that they too CAN be happy with stepfamily life despite the unique challenges that they face.

To learn a little bit more about Aimee, please take a moment to read her BIO:

Aimee Allen was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, however currently resides in Barrie, just north of Toronto with her husband and their five children.  She is both a biological Mom to her son (17) and daughter (15) and also a stepmom to her husband’s son and two daughters (14, 10, 8).  Her biological children also have a stepmom, so Aimee brings both perspectives to the discussion.

A child of divorced parents herself, Aimee never realized the challenges of being a Stepmom until she became one.  “I was always focused on the challenges of being the kid with divorced parents.  I never thought about what my stepmom was going through all those years.”

Aimee has been a stepmom to Mike’s children for 7 years. There have been a lot of challenges along the way, all learning experiences that Aimee is passionate about using to assist other Stepmoms looking for guidance and support.

Aimee has worked in the Gaming Industry for 22 years with Northern Belle Casino, Casino Niagara and Ontario Lottery and Gaming.  For the past 10 years, she has worked as an Operational Excellence Consultant specializing in Continuous Improvement.  She received her LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt in 2010 and Prosci Change Management certification in 2015.  She uses these skills to assist others in making positive changes both at work and in life at home.

Aimee was the first Canadian Stepmom to be featured on the cover of Stepmom Magazine published in August 2014.  After attending her first Stepmom Retreat in Dallas, Texas, Aimee recognized that Stepmoms connecting face to face was just the therapy that she was looking for. She is absolutely thrilled about sharing much needed content with others and is looking forward to connecting with Stepmoms from all across the world! Aimee is thrilled to be a part of Social Stepmom's platform that is going to connect Stepmoms face to face around the world!