Special Time

I love my Stepmom, but it took a long time to get there. Let me share with you why. Girls need to have time with their fathers. This is important and it is not meant to be a competition. We are not there to steal them away but a daughter needs her daddy. As a step daughter when you only see your father on a Tuesday and every other weekend I would feel that maybe he didn’t want just spend time with me. This was hard. One example: it was my birthday and I was going to get a pair of shoes with my Dad, and I only wanted to go with my Dad. However, my Stepmom wanted to come and I didn’t want her to. I also didn’t want to start of fight so I didn’t say anything but was sad. This was supposed to be my day and ended up being about my stepmom. It took forever for her to get ready and find her shoes causing this experience to drag on and it was a complete disaster. My advice to current Stepmoms is really try to ensure your step kids get alone time even if it is just an hour here and there, and support your spouse doing this!

Jill S - Sullivan’s Ilsand, South Carolina

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