3 spring trends you already own!

3 spring trends you already own!

Spring has sprung! The weather might not be screaming spring right now but we cannot wait for the new season. What better way to get your head in the spring game than to start dressing like it's spring? With trends coming and going we have some good news for you stepmoms who like to save everything. Some of your old-school pieces are the hottest trends for spring! Think 1990's comfort and fashion, even with a dash of 80's sensibility. Is the suspense too much to handle? Without further ado here are our favourite spring trends that you already own!


Tie-dye is a hot spring trend so pull out your white tee's, rubber bands, and dye bottles because it's back baby!

This spring trend has been popping up all over the runway. Look for classic shapes with a tie-dye flare or get back to your 14-year-old roots and create some DIY tie-dye pieces.

This is a great activity to do with your kids and you'll be all the more fashionable for doing so.




In 2019 we are calling this spring trend a belt-bag, 20+ years ago, we were calling this trend a fanny pack. Whatever you want to call it, adorning your waist with a pouch that holds your personal belongings is all the rage this spring so feel free to get practical! 

It is important to note, the fanny-packs that you might be used to have had a bit of a facelift for this spring trend. The term belt bag is quite literal, we are seeing belts with a bag on them.

Pull out your old fanny packs and wear them with an elevated tee, jean, and sneaker combo or head out to the store and buy one of these new 'belt-bag/fanny pack' cross-overs and start telling your kids how cool these were when you were their age! Has a trend truly come full circle if you don't bring up how your generation basically started that trend? No? We didn't think so either.

Sensible shorts

Shout it from the rooftops, sensible shorts are a spring trend! Ditch those short shorts. Forget about wearing pants all summer because daisy-dukes just aren't your thing.

Sensible shorts are back with a comfy vengeance. The more sensible, the better. Make them mid-thigh length, heck- make them knee length! Add a pleat, add a pattern, whatever you do be sure to add in some pockets!

Feel free to build up your sensible shorts collection because we are seeing this trend move right on in into summer.

To style this trend, pair your most sensible, most baggy, and most seemingly-unfashionable-by-2018-standards shorts with a tighter top. The balance of the loose bottom with a tight top will highlight your shape and ensure that you are wearing that outfit rather than that outfit wearing you!