Step One, Step Two, Step Three, and Four

A young girl’s world is turned upside-down when her mother decides to remarry. Along with the ring comes a few more.
Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four. The girl will do whatever it takes to keep them out of her life. She eventually realizes there are some benefits to her stepsiblings.
This lighthearted story will reassure children that in spite of change, the outcome is worth the transition. It delights in the possibilities of having a growing blended family.
Nominated in 2012 as a finalist in National Association of Elementary School Principals contest. Children, ages 4 to 8, will love its suessical flair of bold illustrations and lyrical text.
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Maria Ashworth is a clever and witty author that put a great spin on a children’s book about blended families. I love this story because it allows blended families to look beyond the fearfulness and see the benefits of having more people to love you! This can be a tool to help children see the pros instead of focusing on the cons!

From the author: “I stumbled onto Sarah's site, Social Stepmom and knew she was a great fit to review my book. She has a site that is relatable to all us stepmom's out there working so hard to blend our families. There are wonderful posts. My favourite is Day 1. Being a stepmom is a hard job. Sarah makes it look easy. Check her out.”

Thank you Maria for your kind words. I am very proud to be a stepmom, and excited to share this story with my little ones.

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