Stepdad Story the Day It All Made Sense

The Day it All Made Sense to Me

My days are relatively simple. I wake up, give my wife a kiss, and get ready for work. I shower, get my suit ready, and prep to go on my morning commute. Each day, I go downstairs to get my breakfast, and each day, my stepchildren give me a look of indifference. I’ve only been their father for a few months now, and it’s been difficult trying to get them to open to me. I’ve tried a lot, and it never seems to make them happy.

I’ve been Trying my Hardest

We’ve done a lot together. We all go to the dog park, and the kids get to run around and play with the other children and pets there. We would have a blast and get ice cream afterwards, something their father used to never let them do.

Lately, they’ve even been letting me go with them to their sporting events. The oldest, Marissa, lets me drive her to softball practices when her mom couldn’t make it. She used to hate the thought of even sitting in the same car as me. Jackson is starting to open up to me, although we still have our differences. He likes to read books a lot, so now we go to the bookstore once a week to pick out a new book for each other to read.

Maybe it’s Not Enough

It still feels like I have a long way to go, though. They don’t tell me a lot about their personal lives, and I’m just finding out that Marissa has a crush on her classmate. It still feels like there’s a lot of work to be done, and sometimes it bogs me down.

So, it surprised me when I came home for Father’s Day to find the entire house clean, from top to bottom. I knew that my wife hadn’t done it, because she had to run to the store as soon as she dropped the children at home. I had never been so confused in my entire time of living at that house.

But, when I walked into the kitchen, it all came together. Marissa and the rest of the children were all there, happily holding out a neat present and card that they said had been a collective present with their allowances.

In the card, they all wrote how much they appreciated what I did. I had to fight back tears as they told me that they didn’t realize how much they liked having me at their practices or teaching me about their hobbies. And that, even if they didn’t tell me it every day, that they like having me around.

My Whole Perspective Changed

My days are relatively simple. I wake up, give my wife a kiss, and get ready for work. I shower, get my suit on, and prep to go on my morning commute. I walk downstairs to eat my breakfast and give each of my kids a kiss on the forehead. They laugh and giggle, telling me I’m silly, but give me a hug in reply. I tell them each that I love them very much, and head off to work. I know I am loved by my children, even if they are not my blood, and that is perfectly okay with me.