Stepmom Magazine!

Stepmom Magazine is an amazing resource I highly recommend! I subscribed to this magazine and found that it had so many great stories and articles I could relate to. It can be tough sometimes to find a circle or community that understands the problems a stepmom can encounter. They say "being a stepmom is like having a dirty little secret - no one wants to talk about it!". The best way to feel supported is to have people around you who have shared similar experiences and can give you advice.

Their current issue talks about Parent Alienation - Signs & Symptoms, Why You Need a Grownup Vacation - & How to Get One, His Ex & You (Why She Acts So Crazy), Avoiding Common Stepmom Mistakes, and Do Stepdads Really Have it Easier? Great topics!!! I know you'd love to get these answers too. You can subscribe monthly or annually to this fabulous magazine here!

Would love to hear your feedback and any other stories you have too!