Blended Family Wedding – Vow to Marry Your Step Kids Too!

You may have read stories or have seen some videos lately about a new trend forming during blended family weddings. Couples entering into marriage, where kids are involved from a previous relationship, are choosing to include their stepchildren into the ceremony by reciting vows to them as well as their spouse.

Including children in your vows is a beautiful way to show the blending of two families.  It is a beautiful display of acceptance of your new family, not just your spouse, but the step children too.

Recently, a video of a Stepmom saying her vows to her new four year old stepson has gone viral.  And for good reason.  It is a beautiful reminder of how Stepfamilies can be done the right way.  Children can never have too much love in their lives and this couple (along with the little boy’s biological mother) are setting an amazing example for their young son.

Get the kleenex ready and watch as seen on CNN, Senior Airman Emily Leehan recite her vow to her new stepson on her wedding day!