The stepmom resource you’ve been waiting for!

The stepmom resource you've been waiting for!

Everything happens for a reason

The blending of families is not for the faint of heart. Emotions run high, two ways of living (or more) are combined into one, and there still might be some unhealed wounds amongst family members.

However, this hasn’t stopped you. Possibly because for you, love is stronger than some of the pain you might endure along the way in this journey. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

You are reading these words for a reason. Are you about to embark on your stepmom journey? Are you a long-time stepmom that’s still navigating the ins and outs of blended family life?

Social Stepmom: the ultimate stepmom resource!

When Sarah Paterson launched Social Stepmom, she did so because she saw a major lack of resources for stepmoms in comparison to mommy blogs.

When having your first biological child there are months of preparation and a sea of resources available to you. But for stepmoms, there’s not much that can prep you to becoming a mother figure to children of any age who have already lived through so much life.

Social Stepmom came in to fill that void, but with a twist. We are not your classic mommy-blog. Navigating the stepmom space requires so much more nuanced. More collaboration. And definitely, requires more support from a community.


Coming soon...

Today, we are excited to announce that the community of stepmoms you have been craving and seeking is here. On Monday, May 6th, the Social Stepmom Community is going live!

The Social Stepmom Community is home to exclusive stepmom and lifestyle content, educational resources, access to expert stepmoms, and complete with forums and discussions to get stepmom advice from other incredible women in real time.

Your monthly subscription to the Social Stepmom Community ensures a safes space for you to be open, vulnerable, and connect with other Stepmoms from around the world.

You're Invited!

We are inviting you to join this incredible community and in turn and would love your help working out the kinks so we can make the Social Stepmom Community your dream resource! Feel free to email us at hello@socialstepmom.com with all of your comments regarding how to make the community even better!

We can't wait to see you there!