Summer Check In!

After what seemed like a long winter season, it sure seems like summer is going by super fast!  How are your summer plans going?  Are the stepkids getting bored? Are you looking for some ideas on what you can do with them to keep them busy?   

If you haven’t managed to get in some summer fun yet, Social Stepmom is here to provide you with some quick ideas for your family.  The kids will love answering that first day of school question “What did you do this summer?”.

Have a picnic in the backyard

Bake cookies or cupcakes

Go to the local pond and feed the ducks

Camp in the backyard (include making smores in the campfire)

Have a huge water balloon fight

Create a make your own pizza station

Go on a scavenger hunt walk through the neighbourhood

Make a birdhouse together

Go to the beach and build sandcastles

Create an ice cream sundae bar

Go bike riding on a local trail

Get some sidewalk chalk and create works of art

Volunteer at a local charity

Pick up some boxes and create a big fort (have the kids paint the boxes)

Create sock puppets and let the kids put on a puppet show

Plant a garden

Visit a local museum

Make paper boats and have a race

Collect rocks and paint them with different images

Have a tea party

Play badminton

Make a lemonade stand

Have a neighbourhood bike or car wash

Fly a kite

Don’t forget to keep the kids hydrated with lots of water and protected with suncreen!

 Here is a link to another great list of fun ideas (all under $10) that you can do with your stepkids this summer!


Enjoy the rest of the summer!!


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