Summer Series: What to Do With The Kids! Part 2

Each Monday for the summer, I will be sharing with you some fun ideas and activities to do with your kids and step-kids, now that they are off of school! This post is part two, see last week's part one for more ideas!  With all this extra time, is the opportunity to spend quality time, learn and laugh with you!

We would love for you to share your summer activities with us through photos on social media using the hashtag #socialstepmomsummer so we can see all the fun you are up to!

7 things you can do this week…

1. Explore a museum! Take a trip to see one of your local museum or art exhibits. Have them pick out their favourite pieces!

2. Go swimming! Whether its a pool, beach or the lake - beat the heat with a refreshing swim!

3. Soccer! Whether its a group or just one on one, head to your local park and set up a mini soccer game. Don't forget the orange slices!

4. Make popsicles! Did you see our vlog with the recipe and tips? Check it out here!

5. Plant a garden. Teach them to care for nature and plant fruits, veggies or flowers.

6. Music Lessons - do your step kids have any interest in music? Summer can be a great opportunity to get them involved!

7. Play dress up! Have fun with old halloween costumes or tea party style! Let your kids use their imagination!