Summer Series: What to Do With The Kids!

Each Monday for the summer, I will be sharing with you some fun ideas and activities to do with your kids and step-kids now that they are off of school! With all this extra time, is the opportunity to spend quality time, learn and laugh with you!

We would love for you to share your summer activities with us through photos on social media using the hashtag #socialstepmomsummer so we can see all the fun you are up to!

7 things you can do this week…

1) Go on an outdoor adventure! Take the kids and step kids for a walk outside. Get them away from TV and electronics. You can pick flowers and learn about nature. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

2) Head to the beach! Bring the sand toys!

3) Ball Games! When kicking, catching, and throwing grow old, don't just toss the ball in the closet. Decorate it with markers, try to catch it with towels, or make up new rules for kickball.

4) Chill out with Yoga - Stretch it out with the kids! You’ll have fun trying to balance!

5) Read Outdoors - Bring their favourite book to a park!

6) Paint Outdoors - Bring the messy paint to the park, and have them paint their favourite flower or tree. If things get messy - hose down outside!

7) Dance Party! Get them moving to their own summer sound track!

-Sarah Paterson