Sarah Paterson

Sarah Paterson is a Toronto-based mom, stepmom and entrepreneur. She and her husband have two daughters (ages one and four) and she has also been a stepmom for six years to her husband’s five other children (three girls and two boys) ages 7, 11, 13, 18 and 20. Sarah was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario and was herself a child of divorced parents which resulted in her living through some of the challenges of such circumstances.

From a young age, she was independent-minded and driven to make a difference in the world. Sarah began computer programming at the age of 15 and obtained an Information Technology Diploma from Cambrian College in 2000. She immediately set out to conquer Bay Street (Canada’s Wall Street) landing her first job at Yorkton Securities, then Canada’s leading Technology Investment Bank. When the tech bubble burst a year later, she re-channeled her entrepreneurial energies into a career in residential real estate sales (residential and high end cottages) which she continues to do part-time. Sarah also enjoys contributing her time as a Parent Rep at her child and stepchildrens’ school, a committee member of the Human Rights Watch Dinner, a long standing committee member of the Kids, Cops and Computers Inspiration Gala and as the newest Board Member of U for Change.

After years of experiencing the joys (she says there are some!) and the challenges associated with being a stepmom, in April 2017, Sarah launched Social Stepmom - a unique interactive networking platform for the world’s Stepmom sisterhood. Social Stepmom’s Society (a subscription platform) launched in October 2017 affording stepmoms a forum to interact online. Features include skype calls with Sarah, online guest speakers, chat messages, stepmom guides, blogs, modules, Q&A’s, a book club and more - inviting and encouraging all of those in this massive sisterhood to chime-in and engage with thoughts, ideas, wisdom and even, if appropriate, get-it-off-your-chest complaints 😊. Also during the year, Social Stepmom Ambassadors (are you one?) will host meet & greets, mini sessions and more. As well, each year selected major cities (starting with Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, LA) will have a Social Stepmom Soiree - the ultimate in stepmom interaction.