The BEST Products to Help you De-Stress

If there's one thing that you need to take seriously, it is your de-stressing routine. Taking some time to relax, unwind, and de-stress will make you feel equipped to take on whatever the week has in store for you! Having an at-home de-stress session is our favourite way to incorporate relaxation and self-care into our lives. These products are Social Stepmom approved and are sure to de-stress you all the way to your favourite vacation spot (until you are interrupted by someone in your blended family- it's a good thing they are cute right?)

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches

These ultra-cooling cucumber infused gel eye patches are individual masks that you place under your eyes. The product is infused with cucumber which means it will reduce puffiness, hydrate dry patches, brighten dark circles, and minimize fine lines.

Pop a pair of these on and you will instantly feel awakened and revived. Especially if you haven’t got enough sleep lately, these patches will destroy all the evidence!

Cucumber extract also helps to naturally detoxify, nourish, hydrate, and de-puff skin. The other ingredients, allantoin, chamomile, and aloe, will soothe and calm the skin. In conclusion, your eye contour area will instantly look brighter, younger and refreshed.




Serene House Cool Mist Cosmos Scentilizer Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


If you have been hearing about aromatherapy essential oils a whole lot lately, it's for good reason.   Essential oils have healing and supportive properties that can help alleviate various ailments.

Incorporate essential oils into your life with style and get yourself a diffuser that matches your home decor. Diffusers are small and portable enough to bring from room to room, throughout your de-stressing session bring this diffuser with you. For best results, turn the diffuser on before you begin this routine so your room is full of the aroma and healing properties of whichever oils you choose!

A few of our favourite oils are:

  • Lavender- Perfect for relaxing, stress relief, and sleep aid
  • Sweet orange- Encourages feelings of joy, happiness, and peace.
  • Lemon- This scent is cheerful, uplifting and dispels feelings of negativity.

Feel free to mix different oils to create the perfect mood for you!



This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Believe the name, the ‘This Works’ deep sleep pillow spray actually works! This spray contains a blend of essentials oils including, lavender, vetiver, and chamomile which calm both mind and body and will help soothe you to sleep.

To use, mist a couple of sprays on your pillow before you go to bed. These scents will help improve sleep quality and reduce sleep anxiety.

With all of your responsibilities as stepmom you might have found yourself lying awake for hours going over every detail of the next day. This spray will calm the brain and senses and allow you to get a deeper more rested sleep.




This Works Stress Check Face Oil


We really love this brand. This product is described as a ‘guardian angel in a bottle’ and we couldn’t agree more.

The stress check face oil can be applied morning or night onto the face. This oil protects the skin from external environmental stresses which will prevent premature aging. This calming oil is a blend of vitamins to harmonize skin and essentials oils to relieve stress in the skin. Similar to the pillow spray this oil smells of lavender and chamomile so will work together to help you feel and look more relaxed.





Sephora Pearl Sheet Mask

Our favourite sheet masks are the ones from the Sephora brand.  They are inexpensive and have a ton of benefits, could you ask for anything more?

To use, open the package to reveal a fiber mask that resembles a face and place it on clean dry skin.  Sit back and relax in a laid back position to secure mask onto face and wait while the serum works its wonders on your skin.

The added benefit to a sheet mask over a traditional clay mask is that you really have to stop what you are doing and lay back or else they will slide off your face. It is the perfect excuse to actually do nothing for 15 minutes.



Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Candle

Candles are another extremely necessary de-stress session component. Not only do they smell incredible, but the ambiance they create with the flickering flame is unparalleled.

One of our favourite candles to light, while we de-stress, is the Replica ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ candle. This candle it instantly transports you to your comfy bed about 10 years ago while you sleep-in on a Sunday morning.

Imagine rolling over and smelling the fresh cotton of your soft sheets and feel the cool breeze of an open window nearby. That's what this candle smells like, and who wouldn’t want to live in that moment a little while longer?




Herbivore Detox Soaking Bath Salts

The most classic and guaranteed stress reliever is a nice hot bath. So long as you aren't interrupted!

Sticking with the theme of aromatherapy, one of our picks is the Herbivore Detox Soaking Bath Salts. These salts are formulated with Cambrian blue clay and a blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oil to detoxify your body and clear your mind.

To use, pour these salts into your bath and let the aromas completely surround you. The blue clay will actually work to detoxify your skin and pull out impurities.

Herbivore products also include all natural ingredients and are ethically sourced so you can feel good about incorporating this product into your routine.




We hope you are feeling de-stressed just from reading all of our tips. We can’t wait to finish work today, run to the bathroom for a little me time! Why not tonight?

XO, Social Stepmom