The Parenting Network: The Approach for Step-Parenting & Blended Families

Doone Estey of The Parenting Network, shares with us the Approach for Step-Parenting and Blended Families.

Maintaining closeness and building cooperation in a family are hard enough in most families, never mind families with more than one Mom or Dad.
• Get great strategies for organization, schedules and routines.

Family dinners and family meetings become more important and they also become major planning events.
• Learn the best ways to get everyone involved and create more cooperation and less stress in your home.

Understand the reasons behind your child’s behaviour and learn how to avoid power struggles. Stepchildren, who may have more parental relationships and less continuity than other children, need extra understanding.
• Unravel the complexity of power and control and make things simpler.

Respectful approaches to discipline are emphasized as well as respectful approaches to all the relationships in the blended family. How do you maintain a good spousal relationship when the kids’ needs are overwhelming? How to deal with the exes?
• Learn how to set boundaries and maintain your dignity and your sense of self.

The teen years bring their own challenges. Help prevent high risk behaviours in your teens and give them strategies to navigate this challenging time in their lives.
• Ensure your children have the life skills they need – resilience, responsibility, self-confidence - to succeed

Love to hear your comments and feedback on these tips! Share some of yours too!

-Sarah Paterson

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