Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Find the Perfect Gift for Him!

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love for the people you love! Whether that is through spending time with loved ones, reflecting on memories, or giving gifts- it can become easy for Valentine's day to become a little stereotypical with gifts for the ladies and nothing for the men!  If you are looking to break that trend and spoil the men in your life this year we have created the perfect list of gift ideas! From functional to personal we have everything for the man who already has everything!


1. Cufflinks Inc.' Cufflinks

Sometimes dad’s don’t get all the praise they deserve, to rectify that situation give an amazing dad in your life these super sweet and very handsome cufflinks. Cufflinks are a great gift because they are functional, stylish,  and add a little extra to an outfit. This can be a gift from the kids or just yourself.

2. Nordstrom Leather Gloves

Good quality leather driving gloves never go out of style. These can often be something that your man may not think to buy himself, or may not want to splurge on, but you cannot go wrong with classic black leather gloves. The man in your life will thank you for thinking about his fingers during this extremely cold winter.

3. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

 As parents, there are days when all we need is a quiet moment alone. These Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones are perfect for doing just that. Give the gift of peace and quiet this year. Once your guy puts these on he can click the noise canceling button and all background noise will disappear. Ok, we may have to steal these ones for ourselves!

4. Sugarfina Candies

 For the sweet tooth, we have found the cutest gift set! Sugarfina is an incredibly inventive candy brand that always comes up with super unique candy flavours. This kit includes a handsome copper flask as well as bourbon flavoured gummy bears and maple bourbon caramels. These are the perfect romantic indulgence.

5. Fit Bit Charge 3

 As stepmoms, we keep track of everything in our family's life. We need a break! That’s where the Fit Bit comes in. This device is sleek, sophisticated, and will keep track of everything. The Fit Bit Charge 3 is a great gift idea as it will motivate your man to achieve his fitness goals. It counts steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled throughout the day. You can even get text and call alerts when your phone is nearby so he will never miss a thing!

6. Ted Baker Card Holder

These days we have all the information we could ever need on our phones, this includes our bank information and cards!  Without the need for so many physical cards, many people are opting out of wallets and going for cardholders for the small pile of cards they have left. Cardholders are a lot slimmer than regular wallets and will not bulk up when your man puts it in his pocket. We love this cardholder from Ted Baker, it is such a beautiful luxury gift that is sure to put a smile on your guy's face.

7. Replica 'Jazz Club' Cologne

Cologne still remains such a classic and romantic gift idea. This gift might be tricky if your man is very particular about scents.  However, finding one that you love and think would smell great on him adds a personal touch! We love this one from Replica. It is called Jazz Club and it is the perfect romantic and sexy scent. The notes are pink pepper, rum absolute, and tobacco leaf. It smells like you are having a romantic dinner in a dark jazz club!

Whether your man is the classic type or is more of a thrill seeker, these gifts will be sure to wow him! Our goal is to always make it easier on you stepmoms and this list should do just that! You can easily shop these ideas and not even have to leave the comfort of your home. We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day to the fullest and share the love with your significant other!

XO, Social Stepmom