Valentine’s Day Soft Glam Makeup Step by Step!

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Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and whether you have planned a romantic date with your partner, or are having a fun night out with your friends, we have the perfect makeup look for you! Here at Social Stepmom we love this feminine and romantic eyeshadow look. It is simple and elegant and surprisingly easy to achieve!

We have created an easy to follow guide on how to get your Valentine’s Day makeup look on point! Using these steps you can create a romantic soft glam eyeshadow look that will leave you looking ready to impress! Who doesn’t want to spend a little extra time on their makeup and feel extra glam and sexy this Valentine's Day?!

Step One:

Every masterpiece needs the perfect canvas. Starting with a nude cream eyeshadow base will prime your eyes for long-lasting eyeshadow.  We suggest MAC Paint Pot in ‘Soft Ochre’ which is a neutral tone cream base that will give your eyes the perfect canvas to start applying eyeshadow.

Not only does it give you a base to build eyeshadow on, but this formula will also make sure that your eyeshadow lasts all night without creasing!

Just apply it from your lashline to your brow bone with a synthetic brush, blending it out for an even application. Your eyeshadow may just last longer into the evening than you do.


Step Two:

This year, instead of going for a harsh liquid liner why not change it up for something more soft and romantic! We love this soft smudgy eyeliner look and it is easier to achieve than your regular liquid liner.

All you need to do is take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a thick line starting from the middle of your eyelid out to the outer edge of your eye. You can even create a cat eye flick on the outer corner of your eye to add some smolder to your look!

Then take a soft pencil brush and smudge the eyeliner! You don’t want it to look too precise so just keep smudging until you get a soft focus look.

Our pick is the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in ‘Perversion’ as it gives just the right amount of smudging time before it dries down.


                                                          Step Three:

Next, we are going to add a crease colour. Adding a medium brown shade into the socket of your eye will add depth and dimension and make your eyes look bigger! Our favourite shade for this is Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Birkin’.

Grab a big fluffy blending brush and apply the colour directly into your crease.

Just take your time using windshield wiper motions with your brush and make sure the colour is nice and blended.



Step Four:

The best part about any look in our opinion is the highlight!  Adding a shimmering champagne eyeshadow to the center of the lid adds the perfect touch of sparkle without looking overdone.

Our favourite is Stila ‘Kitten’. It is the perfect amount of shimmer without having any glitter to it. This eyeshadow is a cult classic for a reason!

Just take a flat shading brush and pack it onto the center of your eyelid. Blend out the edges of the shadow and blend it into the brown shade you used before.  This will create instant shine and pop to your eyes!

Step Five:


Now to really make things sexy and smoldering, you want to add some eyeshadow to the lower lash line. All you need to do is take a matte black eyeshadow such as MAC ‘Carbon’ and use a small smudger brush apply it to the lower lash line.

Make sure this is not a precise line as we want it smudgy and smokey. Adding shadow to your lower lashline will add a real sexiness to your look.

You can even use a dark brown shadow if black seems too harsh for you. Just remember a little does go a long way and its better to build up the intensity of the shadow.

Step Six:

Lashes!! What better day to wear falsies than on Valentine’s Day!? They are really fun and add that perfect pop to your look which will make your makeup look drastically different from your everyday looks.

Lots of brands make them and they have become easier to apply than ever! We love Lily Lashes as they are so fluttery and natural and come in various styles to suit your eye shape! The key is to look down into a hand-held mirror and apply the lashes from above.

These ones are also re-useable up to 20 times so your look doesn’t have to end on V day!


Step Seven:

Use mascara to blend those natural lashes to your falsies. Sometimes people forget this tip, but a flawless false lash application always includes mascara.  By using mascara you'll ensure that your false lashes look seamless against your natural lashes, plus you get a little extra volume.






We hope you love this look just as much as we do! It is really the perfect soft and sultry look for Valentines Day! You won’t look overdone or feel like you need a lot of time to achieve it. As always if you re-create this look please tag us on Instagram @socialstepmom!

XO, Social Stepmom

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