Valentine’s Gift Guide For Kids!

Valentine's Gifts for Kids


In my family, Valentine’s Day was always about love and being together as opposed to the romantic side of things. My mom always made Valentine’s Day feel special to me no matter how young or old I was. Still to this day I have such a wonderful association with the day that doesn’t involve being in a relationship or not. So this Valentine’s why not include your children (or stepchildren) and show them that this holiday is about LOVE in all forms!

We know you moms out there are very busy and our goal is to always make things a little easier on you. So we have put together a simple gift guide for your kids for Valentine’s Day! No matter how old they are, boys, girls, we have got it covered!

Check out our pics and don’t forget you can easily shop these items just by clicking on them down below! You can be done your shopping in just the click of a button!


 Step Daughters


1. If you have a baby why not grab some festive hair bows. We love these ones as they are so soft and cute at the same time. They come in lots of colours but we are loving the pink and white. Just adds a little festiveness for your newborn!

2. Next we have chosen this adorable red tutu! We don’t know about you but we can’t get over how cute this dress is. Especially if your girl is extra young this will look so adorable! This will be the perfect dress to wear in family pictures.

3. We have found the perfect tea set! It is made of a soft plush fabric so your girls can play to their heart's content and you don’t have to be afraid of anything breaking. Why not plan a little tea party on Valentines Day with your kids? We think this pick is perfect for that.

4. As girls get older a lot of them tend to be solely interested in clothes. I know I sure was! This cozy white sweater with a red heart is perfect for school on V-Day but also can be worn any other day! It’s just something warm and comfy that is extra special.

5. Have an older stepdaughter? This toque is so perfect especially if you live in a colder climate! Yes, its Valentine’s themed but it can also be worn all winter.

6. Ok, you may hear us use the word cute a lot in this post but we can’t help ourselves! This onesie is so CUTE!! While your kids are still young why not dress them up in a comfy and casual onesie that says mommy is their first Valentine? This onesie is perfect for boys or girls too!

7. We especially love this J-Crew T-shirt that has a heart with an arrow through it! So stylish and sassy and we think your stepdaughters of any age will love it!



Step Sons


1. There is nothing better than a classic t-shirt.  These little polos are too adorable to pass up! They are very simple with just a little heart on them. Perfect for your child to wear to school or if you are having a family dinner.

2. Sometimes it can be hard to find Valentine’s Day gifts for boys without them thinking they are too cheesy or sappy. Well, our second pick are these adorable chucks! We love converse shoes and these ones add the perfect Valentine’s touch without being overdone. Yes your boy may grow up and not want to wear them but for now they are perfect.

3. Boys can like stuffed animals too right? We just love this adorable little sloth stuffed animal! If you have a young boy this is the perfect toy for them to cuddle up to.

4. Maybe we are going too far with the red and white theme but we love this little toy car! It is so cute and any young boy would love to play with it.

5. As boys get older they tend to be more interested in gadgets over clothes. Why not grab your teenage step kid some awesome red headphones for Valentine’s Day! They will be very impressed and totally think you are the coolest.

6. We are putting this onesie in the boy's category because we just love it that much. Totally perfect and totally unisex!

7. For a teenager in your life why not grab them a cool new backpack. We love this red one, but it also comes in other colours if your son is not completely into the Valentine’s Day spirit!




We hope you love our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your kids! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be all about gifts so just remember to give your kids and step kids a little extra love come February 14th!

Xo, Social Stepmom.