Who Is Your 2A?



Are you having a lineup problem in your hour home? Relationship or boundary issues? Stepmoms never have any of those now do they!



Do you feel like you have been trampled a few times by the people you might do the most for in life? Again not Stepmoms - cue in the laughter.

See the thing is you can’t change people and who they are so you have to set yourself up for success. How and the heck do you do that when you are lost in a blended family?  



So who is your 2A and where do you stand amongst your family? Circle of Intimacy has been used all over the world to help people identify their relationships and where they stand. In a survey Social Stepmom had conducted in Canada revealed that 77% of Stepmoms feel underappreciated. Umm yes, I would say so!

If you do this with the family you might be able to set some boundaries and course correct your lineup so your relationships improve! Here are a few tips to help you complete your circle with some success! YASSSS

1. “If you include only yourself in your #1 circle you will be narcissistic and selfish. If you include only your higher being you are apt to be a martyr and suffer from religiosity, and your physical and emotional health will be damaged.” Try to include both you and your God or spiritual guide!

2. a. Spouse or Significant other - yes before your kids, yes before your kids, yes before your kids!

     b. Minor children living at home

3. “Older children, minor children (not living at home), grandchildren, close family and friends with whom you can share intimately” 

4. Family, Friends, Co-Workers

5. Family, Friends, Co-Workers

6. Ex-Partner(s) or Ex-Spouse(s) you share children with will go right here.

I hope this will help your family as it certainly helped ours!

XX - Sarah

who is your 2A

who is your 2A