Why Women Should Invest and How to get Started

Why Women Should Invest and How to get Started


Are you a modern woman, interested in investing and don't know where to start? Well, we are with you ladies!  Investing and money, in general, can be a complex, confusing topic to tackle. If you aren't naturally gifted with money then we have the perfect article for you. It will explain the whole process of investing, why you should invest and a few tips and tricks to make investing a little easier.

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Lately, women hear a lot about gaps: how to combat the gender pay gap, how to avoid a resumé gap when you take time off to raise children, whether or not a thigh gap matters (it doesn’t).

One “gap” that isn’t discussed enough is the gender investing gap.

Women Are Less Likely to Invest Than Men, and That’s a Problem.

According to Ellevest, an investment platform created by women for women, “of all the assets controlled by women, 71% is in cash – aka not invested.” Statistically, women are less likely to invest, and even those who do invest tend to wait until they are older to start.

Most women don’t think they know enough about investing to properly grow their savings; therefore, they wait to start investing until they feel they’re more financially stable and believe they can risk the possibility of losing money. A common misconception around investing is that you have to be an expert in the industry to succeed when the reality is that there are so many tools and resources that make easy to start investing with as little as your pocket change.

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Article By:Madison Blancaflor 

Featured Image: Caroline Kalentzos | @thecarolinedoll